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Art d'Histoire, 
The first free channel dedicated to the arts of the 19th century
Excellence for all


A portal that combines our videos and our bespoke encyclopaedia 
Lasting knowledge and irrefutability in two clicks

Since 2017, Art d'Histoire has been broadcasting art history lectures in order to share academic content with a wide audience.

This mission to popularise academic knowledge was conceived in French and will have captivated more than half a million viewers between 2018 and 2020. It is now available in English on demand. 

LISA (Learning Interactive Smart Art) is our new portal dedicated to the art of the 19th century.


The Art d'Histoire videos are now interactive: hundreds of clickable pop-ups appear on the screen, giving access to the LISA encyclopaedia articles. Each of these entries is fully supported by primary sources, digitised and accessible with just a few clicks.


This interactivity ensures the validity of the content and keeps the reader active and engaged.

LISA is now entering a test phase.

Years of world-class academic research
Condensed into a few clicks

Congratulations! We will keep in touch!

A problem 
At a time when billions of lines of text are being digitised and millions of blogs are commenting on thousands of works of art, the sheer volume of information is overwhelming and even toxic: too many texts, too many fakes.


Our solution 

We compress irrefutable sources, primary sources. We make them user-friendly by integrating them into our videos. 

Our mission 

Accelerate research for professionals, optimise learning for students, inspire enthusiasts.
Disseminate knowledge by publishing on the web, overcome language barriers by publishing in French and English.

Our technological choices

LISA combines the Art d'Histoire videos with its encyclopaedia using interactive video technology in collaboration with Hihaho. On average, 150 articles are combined with the lecture, with around 500 links to digitised primary sources, usually Gallica.

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