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Conference n°1

Realism in 19th century

Conference n°2

Gustave Courbet,
a political painter ?

Conference n°3

Manet and Seurat, spectacle and irony of Parisian life 

Conference n°3

Olympia and A Bar at the Folies Bergère

Conference n°4
Conference n°5

Les Impressionistes,
between myth and reality

Conference n°6

from plagiarism to Modernity

Conference n°7

Paul Gauguin wreaks havoc 

Conference n°8

The sacred Realism of van Gogh, Protestant

Conference n°9

Paul Gauguin vs Vincent van Gogh
A Catholic painter 

Conference n°10

Sexual anarchy, 1
icones of femininity

Sexual anarchy, 2

icon of masculinity

Conference n°11
Conference n°12

Gustav Klimt,
Vienna and psychoanalysis 

Conference n°13

Photography, 1

The birth of photography

Conference n°14

Photography II,
Avant-Garde and Realists
facing photography


Photography, 3
Symbolists and photography 

Conference n°15
photo 33 sc et art.png
Arts and sciences in 19th century
Titre 5
Conférence nº16
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