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Gustave Courbet, Le château de Chillon, 1874
Marcel Jacquier, Aumon Nantes, Pneus Dunlop, ca. 1920
Léon Riesener, Delacroix aux mains levées
Jan Van Beers, When stars set, avant 1900
Auguste Bonheur, Du bétail par un lac, 1862
Arthur Berdett Frost, Tourists, Harper’s Weekly, avril 1896
Album Durieu
Claude Monet, bvd des Capucines, détail

Photography and Painting in the 19th Century, 2
The Deny of a Fierce Competition

When photography was not accepted as an art form

Edgar Degas, Le pas battu, ca. 1879

A history of painting would not be complete without an in-depth study of its relationship with photography. At that time, photography and painting were both in close proximity and were combined as discreetly as possible.


The artistic revolutions of the nineteenth century, which gave rise to Realism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, were closely linked to the development of photography, which caused a crisis of identity for painting, which in the space of a few decades had lost its exclusive right to represent the visual. .... and painting was forced to surpass itself.


This lecture will explore the discreet but pervasive influence of photography on painting between 1855 and 1885.

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