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Photography and Painting, 3

The Symbolistes and photography

Photography, 2
Art and Sciences

The Symbolist generation sought to sublimate the soul into a spiritual dimension. This sublimation often involved, albeit discreetly, a study of the photographic image.

Paul Gauguin, 1


  • Photography as a means of communication

  • Photography as a substitute for original artworks

Edvard Munch, 1

  • Self-portraits 

  • sérialisation

3. Munch and the camera, 1

1. Gauguin and photography, 1

4. Munch and the camera, 2

Edvard Munch, 2


  • Spirit photography

  • The cinematographic impulse

Readings The Artist and The Camera : Degas to Picasso, Exhibition catalogue, Dallas Museum of Art, 2000 Munch : The Modern Eye, Exhibition catalogue, Tate Modern, 2012 Arne Eggum, Munch and Photography, Yale University Press, 1989

Iconographic study

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