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Charles Darwin
Sir John Everett Millais, Ophélie, 1852
Edvard Munch  La Madone 1894/95
René Lalique, Femme Libellule, ornement de corsage, 1897/98
Gustav Klimt,  Judith, 1901
Ernest Hébert Ophélie, 1890
Herbert Spencer
Abbott Handerson Thayer, Ange, 1892/93
Fernand Khnopff, Le sphinx, Des caresses, ou Art, 1896

Sexual Anarchy in the Fin de Siècle, 1

Icons of Femininity

Abbott H.Thayer Vierge au trône 1892/93
Edvard Munch, Héritage 1,  1895

Women began a process of emancipation, riding bicycles and wearing trousers, although the Civil Code forbade them to do so. What a scandal! But who were these new Amazons, these female vampires that art had invented, when for most of them everyday reality was confined to the walls of domesticity?


This is the story of a famous deception, seen through the paintings, sculptures and jewellery of an era that both admired and feared the so-called "New Woman".

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