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Paul Gauguin, En pleine chaleur ou Les cochons, 1888
Vincent van Gogh, Salle de l’hôpital Saint-Rémy, 1889
Vincent van Gogh, portrait, photographie
Paul Gauguin, Les misérables, « dédié à l’ami Vincent », 1888, détail
Paul Gauguin, Christ au jardin des oliviers, 1889
Vincent van Gogh,  Autoportrait “dédié à mon ami Paul Gauguin”, 1888
Paul Gauguin, Les vendanges à Arles, 1888

Gauguin the Catholic versus van Gogh the Protestant 

The quarrel between Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh is often explained by a supposed incompatibility of temperaments.


A spiritual approach is also productive: each had received a solid religious education, Protestant for one, Catholic for the other; they retained two mutually intolerable views of the world, making any artistic communion conflictual.

Vincent van Gogh, Les Alyscamps, 1888
Paul Gauguin, Les Alyscamps, 1888

"At the age of eleven, I entered the minor seminary, where I made very rapid progress."

Paul Gauguin, Before and After, 1903

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