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Gustav Klimt, Le Char de Thespis, Burgtheater Vienne, 1886-88
Gustav Klimt, Le Baiser, 1908
Gustav Klimt, Musique I, 1895
Gustav Klimt, Hygieia 1900–1907
Gustav Klimt,  Portrait de Joseph Pembauer  1890
Gustav Klimt, L'espoir 1, 1903
Gustav Klimt,  Théâtre de Shakespeare, Burgtheater Vienne,1886-88

Gustave Klimt, Vienna and Psychanalysis 

Crisis of Identity in Fin de Siècle Vienna

Gustav Klimt Pallas Athéna 2nde exposition 1898

At a time when abstraction and modernist discourse dominated art history, Gustave Klimt was relegated to second place among Art Nouveau decorators. Then came the rediscovery, and one exhibition after another: historians were fascinated, and prices soared.


Let us rediscover the utopias and anxieties of the men who made Vienna the capital of the European avant-garde by restoring to Viennese works of art their sensual and intellectual powers, thanks to the highly effective tool of psychoanalysis.

Gustav Klimt, Nuda Veritas
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